The research in our group lies at the broad interface between nanomaterials science and biotechnology. This rapidly advancing research area is commonly termed as nano-biotechnology. Our research includes the basic study of structure-property relationships of nanomaterials and application of this knowledge in development of innovative materials and functional materials systems. We are interested in nanostructured materials such as porous Silicon and their interface with soft matter e.g. hydrogels, biomolecules, and living cells. Understanding these interfaces allows us to rationally design biosensors for detection of biological and chemical toxins, new drug delivery platforms, and functional responsive materials.

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EU Awards €7.7 Million to NanoPack Project led by Prof. Segal
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Just Published

Krepker M., Shemesh R., Danin-Poleg Y., Kashi Y., Vaxman A., Segal E., Active Food Packaging Films with Synergistic Antimicrobial Activity, Food Control, 76, 117–126 (2017).

Urmann K., Reich P., Walter J.-G., Beckmann D., Segal E.*, Scheper T., Rapid and Label-Free Detection of Protein A by Aptamer-Tethered Porous Silicon Nanostructures, J. of Biotechnology, published online. *Corresponding author

Bussi Y., Holtzman L., Shagan A., Segal E.*, Mizrahi B., Light-Triggered Antifouling Coatings for Porous Silicon Optical Transducers, Polym. Adv. Tech., published online. *Corresponding author

Ziloni N., Rosenberg M., Holtzman L., Schori H., Shefi O., Segal E., Prolonged Controlled Delivery of Nerve Growth Factor using Porous Silicon Nanostructures, Journal of Controlled Release, published online.

Massad-Ivanir N., Shtenberg G., Raz N., Gazenbeek C., Budding D., Bos M.P, Segal E., Porous Silicon-Based Biosensors: Towards Real-Time Optical Detection of Target Bacteria in the Food Industry, Scientific Reports, 6, Article number: 38099 (2016)